Simon Blackburn ex of HighFive says PowerBar has been out of the limelight for a few years but, now, with Euro-made product and two new lines, his marketing company will make it a leader once again

PowerBar takes Zynk for energy

Simon Blackburn was a founder director at HighFive, the wonderfully packaged maltodextrin range from the mid-1990s, and was involved with Maxim before that. Hes been out of the sports nutrition market for two years but is now back with a new company Zynk Ltd. and is helping PowerBars UK distributor R. J. Chicken to revitalise the brand.

If it wasnt for PowerBar I would never be in the sports nutrition business at all, says Blackburn. Back in 1990 everyone I knew in triathlon was using PowerBars and Gatorade but they were either really difficult to get hold of or just too expensive to use other than for racing. Its difficult to believe but PowerBars were the same price back then as they are today!

PowerBars for the Euro market are made in Europe meaning the product is fresher than when it was shipped from the US. This gives PowerBars a longer shelf life than before.

There are two new product lines for 2000: the Harvest bar and the HydroPlus sports drink. Harvest is a low-fat natural whole grain bar aimed at a lifestyle audience. HydroPlus is an instant sports drink endorsed, and part formulated, by Team Telecom of Germany.

Traditional performance-related PowerBars have been rebadged as the Performance range and come in 10 flavours.

The effects of [European production] can already be seen in the new range. The Performance bars are coming through with an improved texture and the HydroPlus drink is not as sweet as its US counterpart.

PowerBars can be found on on the RJ Chicken stand at the Cycle & Leisure Show.


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