Michelin launches three new tyres (and one just for the US market).

Power to the people from Michelin

Michelin has launched three tyres in a new Power range: Competition, Endurance and All Season. The French company claims the extensively-tested tyres offer lower rolling resistance, better puncture resistance and enhanced grip. The photo shows one of the grip tests – a rider on an electric bike cornering in the wet.

The Power range will replace Pro 4. In the US there’s a fourth tyre, the Power Protection+.

Michelin says the tyres have been put through 800 lab tests and over 200,000km of test riding. Testing was conducted on bespoke rigs and a specialist test track in Finland.

Rolling resistance tests were conducted by the independent Wheel Energy Laboratory.

Power Competition, available in 23 and 25mm widths and weighing 190 and 210g respectively, is the road race tyre and is claimed to produce 25 percent less rolling resistance than the previous Pro4 Service Course. The tyre also benefits from improved puncture protection with an aramid Protek belt underneath the tread.

The Power Endurance, available in 23, 25 and 28mm widths, is training or light touring tyre, weighing 220, 230 and 255g respectively. Michelin claims it offers a 30 percent reduction in rolling resistance compared to the Pro4 Endurance.

The new Power All Season winter tyre weighs 235g for the 23mm, 270g for the 25mm and 295g for the 28mm version. It replaces the Pro4 Grip.

The Power range is available in April. Michelin has yet to reveal prices. 

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