Hologram bands manufacturer in the spotlight after mainstream press cotton onto bold claims in Australia

Power Balance states that scientific benefits of product are ‘unconfirmed’

Manufacturer of hologram wristbands, Power Balance, has confirmed to BikeBiz this morning that scientific beneifts listed in its marketing material are ‘unproven’.

Power Balance’s offical line is that "bracelets have an embedded frequency that reacts positively to the frequencies in the body, helping to align the body’s natural energy field."

However, following a closer look into claims made in marketing material by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commision, the maker of the £29.99 band was forced to withdraw claims that it will boost strength, balance and flexibility. The Commision’s ruling does not forbid the sale of Power Balance bracelets in Australia. The ruling from the ACCC also does not have any effect on regions around the world.

The firm has long had its sceptics, many of which are within the cycle trade and can be seen discussing the topic at length on the BikeBiz forum, found here. (You must be in the cycle trade to sign up, or view content)

Power Balance UK today told BikeBiz: "Unfortunately, there is no scientific evidence behind frequencies and how they work, which is why there is no scientific research behind Power Balance. Three simple tests can be carried out, to assess whether or not the product works for you. These test balance, strength and flexibility. Of course, as with everything, we can’t guarantee that it will work on everyone, but if it works for you and you feel the benefits of wearing it, then there’s no reason why you should stop wearing it."

The manufacturer, which has sold an estimated 2.5 million units worldwide, does offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

Many have speculated any beneifts from the wristbands are merely a placebo effect, in such that if a wearer believes he or she will perform or feel better, they may in fact convince themselves that an improvement has actually taken place.

Dr Hilary Jones, GP and medical broadcaster, added: “Science cannot always explain everything that offers a benefit. For example, acupuncture and homeopathy have very little clinical evidence to support them, yet these therapies have offered benefits to many people. Power Balance also seems to defy science, yet the positive customer testimonials received and the number of top athletes who use it show that it can make a difference. Even if there is a degree of placebo effect which removes any negative and inhibitory influence on sporting performance. Power Balance is at least safe and free of harmful adverse effects. It should not be dismissed just because the results are not easily explained”.

Moore Large distributes the product to the cycle trade following a link up in September last year.

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