The Storck Scenario Carbon 1.1 was 'Race Bike of the Year' for Cycling Plus in 2004, the "best bike I've ever ridden," said C+ tester Paul Vincent. Every Storck bicycle or component reviewed has achieved the highest possible rating, said Andy Wallis of Poshbikes. After four years as the sole UK stockist of the German frames, Poshbikes wants to create a small but high-quality network of 'Premium' Storck IBDs.

Poshbikes seeks IBD stockists for Storck

"I’ve just arrived back from Storck in Germany, and I was totally blown away with the latest range, especially their tenth anniversary items," said Wallis.

The 10th Anniversary kit comes in a BWH rigid flight box and includes a custom coloured Scenario CD 1.0 plain carbon road frame; custom headset; shirt; cap; and a fleece carry bag. The kits retail for £1820 and only 100 sets will be made; each will ship with a numbered, signed certificate.

Storck makes MTB and road frames. Frames start from £500, with complete bikes costing as much as £5000.

Tel: 01622 762055

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