Ed Milliband praises store for opening again so quickly

Police recover looted Evans Cycles cash registers

Cash registers looted from the Chalk Farm branch of Evans Cycles have been recovered, reports the London Evening Standard.

Up to 100 bicycles were stolen from the store during the riots last week, as were two cash registers. Police have now found the tills, which were said to be taken by a gang of around 50.

Store manager David Cheek said the gang was unable to take a third cash register: "It was obviously too much for them to take, with all the debris everywhere. They must have thought there was a lot of money inside, but it was just a float. The bikes were worth a lot, however."

Labour leader Ed Milliband paid an impromptu visit to the shop and praised it for being open again so quickly after the rioting.

Cheek added: "We were given no warning – I was serving a customer and he was just standing there. It was great to see him offering his support."

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