Secured by Design approves a number of products which have 'designed out' thieves

Police initiative reacts to new residential bike theft statistics

Police initiative Secured by Design has reacted to new Home Office cycle theft statistics, which suggest over half of cycle thefts are from the home.

Secured by Design has now given its approval to a number of products on the market, which it says have ‘designed out’ the thieves.

Firstly, Trimetals’ bike storage facility, Protect a Cycle, featuring a unique, patented design which is specifically for the safe, secure and tidy storage of up to three bicycles. Protect a Cycle’s spring assisted opening action allows quick accessibility. The unit is manufactured in the UK using a special PVC-coated galvanised steel construction which is maintenance-free, fire-resistant and guaranteed for 25 years –

The second approved home security product is the Pragmasis’ Shed Shackle, which improves security for wooden sheds. Thefts from sheds have become more frequent and options for improving shed security can often be expensive, impractical, or both. The Shed Shackle reinforces a large area of the wooden wall of the shed so a thief has to saw or smash a huge section, which would make a lot of noise and take a lot of time. The Shed Shackle improves the strength of the woodwork – the wooden shed becomes steel reinforced.

Another product to gain accreditation is Cyclepod’s Streetpod cycle storage product, which you may have spotted on the street before now. The Streetpod has the ability to secure the bike frame and both wheels with a single lock. This configurable design can also accommodate advertising and sponsorship.

Secured by Design’s accreditation scheme includes more than 400 member companies whose products have met the required standards. Secured by Design is part of the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO).

The British Crime Survey reports that over half a million bicycles are stolen each year.

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