Spot the flaws in this press release issued by Powabyke. (It is embargoed until 23rd November but as we're not releasing the news in the public domain the embargo is still intact).

Police get more Powabykes

London Royal Park Police Go Electric

Holland Park Police have taken on a

Powabyke to augment their pool of vehicles and allow officers to pound

their beat under electric power.

The electric bike, capable of 20 miles on a single charge from a regular

power point, and a top speed of 15mph under battery power, have already

been snapped up by other police forces around the country, including

Lancashire and Leicestershire Constabularies.

Supplied by local Powabyke dealer, Pleiades, of 19 Jerdan Place, SW6.

the 3-speed Classic will be taken delivery of by Inspector Adrian

Paterson on 23 November. The hand over will take place at 10.30am at

Holland Park, The Leisure Services, Stable Yard, London W8.

Inspector Paterson said "RBKC Park Police are moving towards a greener

patrolling objective as a whole. We have exchanged our squad car for a

LPG vehicle, and by taking on a Powabyke for use by my constables and

myself, we are closer to cutting out the use of petrol and diesel as a

whole. "

Holland Park is a particularly apt location to show off the Powabyke’s

green credentials. The general public will be able to see that the Park

police are very visibly endorsing sustainable transport, and not

increasing pollution as they go about their job.

Dubbed ‘the Pollution Solution’, Powabyke is the UK’s most popular

electric bicycle. It is the only electric bike currently on the market

in the UK that offers the rider the option to cycle under pure battery

power or in pedal-assist mode.

With the recent fuel crisis, it was clear that corporations, and the

police in particular would have to remain mobile, inspite of the lack of

petrol available. The crisis focussed people’s minds on the need for an

alternative to the car, and Powabykes offer not only a cheap method of

getting about (it costs about 1p per mile to run) but also a mode of

transport which does not cost the Earth.

Editor’s Notes

Press release not to be used before 10.30am on 23 November 2000.

Under British law (1981 Transport Act), an electric bicycle avoids being

classed as a motorcycle only if it weighs less than 40g, is fitted with

pedals, has an output not exceeding 200 watts and cannot be propelled

under power at more than 15 mph.

In the UK one does not have to pedal (although there must be pedals) and

enjoy pedal free cycling under power. In mainland Europe one must keep

pedalling, and the motor assists the effort you put in.

In the UK, complete electric bicycles (not kits) have retailed in the UK

for between £900 – £1,300.

Once purchased the only regular cost for running the bike is the cost of

the electricity required to recharge the battery (0.75kw for a full

charge, typically less than 5p). * Range from a fully charged battery is

approximately 20 miles without pedalling on all two wheel models. The

Euro-bike has a range of over 30 miles in power assist mode.

You will have the opportunity to interview Inspector Paterson and some

of the officers who will be using the bicycle to patrol the park.

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