Product Architects of Boulder, Colorado, maker of the insulated Polar Bottle, wants more staff to bike to work

Polar Bottle creates health program for employees

Product Architects, Inc., maker of the Polar Bottle, has begun a new staff fitness program in order to "cultivate camaraderie and foster healthy lifestyles among its employees." 

The initiative includes professional health consultations, better bike to work facilities, as well as a fitness component that challenges employees to take part in charity fitness events.

The company partnered with a nutritionist to teach employees how to maximize health through proper nutrition and exercise. 

“When I learned of Nutrition Inc., I was inspired by how they could improve our understanding of healthy living,” said Judy Amabile, president of Product Architects.

“We live in Boulder, Colorado—a beautiful place with good access to healthy foods and outdoor recreation — yet some of our employees were lacking vital information about wellness. I thought this would be a great way to boost company pride and create a healthier workforce.”

Product Architects is encouraging more employees to bike to work. The company’s new headquarters has shower facilities and is right off Boulder’s iconic bike path system. The company is also planning to install a new bike rack at the office. Currently 25 percent of Product Architects employees regularly commute by bike, tallying their mileage, fuel and cost savings, and carbon offset at CatEye’s

Product Architects plans to continue the wellness and fitness initiative, citing improved company morale, reduced sick time, and better overall health of its employees.

Polar Bottle is distributed in 30 countries worldwide.

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