A bunch of blokes chasing around a foreign country on bikes may seem like small beer to some but the Channel 4 coverage of Le Tour has long been cyclings only guaranteed primetime TV slot. To make sure the broadcaster doesnt mess around with the schedules next year we are organising an online and offline petition which we hope will gain widespread support from the industry and from cycling websites and magazines

Please sign our petition

However, its also critical we get the support of celebs and Francophiles because the Tour de France coverage on Channel 4 isnt just loved by dyed-in-the-wool roadies, it has mainstream appeal because of its travelogue on the best bits of France.

A petition will be online soon and wed like cycling and Francophile websites to create a link to this page so we can get as many signatures as possible. We will also seed chat areas, including the Channel 4 one which has been inundated with comments with viewers angry with the erratic schedule. If anybody visits cycling bulletin boards and news lists please put a mention there too. The petition will have its own URL but, for ease of use, there will be a link button from the public access page at www.bikebiz.co.uk (ie not at www.bikebiz.co.uk/web, the shortcut that many people use to speed access to the news).

With a few thousand signatures headed with celebs and cycle industry leaders well be able to approach Channel 4 with one voice. That way, instead of the standard text that Channel 4 is sending to all complainents, well be able to start a meaningful dialogue with David Kerr, Channel 4s commissioning sports editor.

Please visit this site tomorrow and register your support for a campaign that aims to get cycling and the best bits of France back on terrestial TV primetime.

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