Hundreds of questionnaires have been returned so far - a very quick response - but 2500 are required. Here are some initial findings...

Please return your B3 questionnaires

Nah, not going to give too much away, that would spoil the fun. Suffice to say there are some surprising early results. This is purely anecdotal so far as the questionnaires received back to date have yet to be logged.

SpokesMan’s job looks safe: he gets a resounding thumbs up from the respondents to date.

Interestingly, the bike trade is far more wired-up than previously thought. The great majority of forms skipped through so far reveal that most recipients of the printed BikeBizBible have access to the internet either at home or work.

Only a tiny minority are saying they feel there’s no need for internet access now or in the future.

The percentage of trade members who will not pay for The Cyclists’ Sourcebook now that B3 is sent free will be kept secret for now. To anybody who knows the British bike trade, the answer – to be revealed in three weeks or so – will not come as a huge surprise.

In other news...

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