Sony Computer Entertainment's Downhill Domination launches on July 22nd in the US and a top rider claims the game will raise the profile of MTBing.

Playstation2 gets a downhill MTB game

“When I first met with Sony I realized the importance that this game would have for mountain biking,” said Eric Carter, the MTB and BMX champion rider featured in the game.

“Downhill Domination could be the first step in getting mountain bike racing back in the forefront of the extreme game competitions – and this game does an awesome job of showcasing our sport.”

The game features 14 pro riders (some of them getting into punch-ups), licensed manufacturers, and DH courses from around the globe.

“With the upcoming release of Downhill Domination, we are able to deliver the first extreme sport of this nature to PlayStation 2 fans while expanding the racing category to new heights,” said Ami Blaire, director, product marketing, Sony Computer Entertainment America.

“Due to its vertical racing style and competitive nature, the sport of downhill mountain bike racing has globally reached participants and spectators throughout the US, Canada, Japan, United Kingdom, Belgium, Spain, and numerous other countries."

Downhill Domination has three DH genres: Mountain Cross, Technical Downhill and Freeride, plus 27 interactive “go anywhere” track designs.

"During gameplay, players have the freedom to pick the best racing line through unforgiving canyons, forests, city streets and more while avoiding environmental and weather hazards," said Blaire.

"For points earned, players can upgrade with real-world mountain bike components to enhance performance. In addition to fully customizable bikes, Downhill Domination incorporates more than 30 super tricks and an assortment of “combat” tactics to take down even the most hardened riders."

Players can choose from five different multiplayer modes, allowing up to four players to race simultaneously. Downhill Domination also features various licensed alternative, punk, hip-hop, techno and classic rock tunes.

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