Less than a year after its first glimpse at Friedrichshafen, Giro's New Road line-up is heading into bike shops

PIC SPECIAL: Giro New Road retail experience

It was back at Eurobike that we first clapped eyes on Giro’s New Road range of casual cycling apparel.

Following appearances at distributor Zyro’s own Cycle Vision show the line-up has now been officially launched into retail and the distributor, alongside Giro, has been cooking up a ‘unique retail experience’ for dealers. A tall order maybe, but the duo has developed an off-the-peg point of sale package which is being made available to any retailer who signs up to New Road.

To glean more about these eye-catching developments we spoke with some of the people behind the concepts, and those that have already got involved with the bespoke set ups…

Sarah Page, Bristol’s Bike UK: “We were apprehensive at first because the product is so ahead of its time and the average ticket prices are higher than we are used to selling, so it was a bit of a leap to take. The clothes are fantastic and because the quality is so high, once people have tried them on, it’s an easy sale.”

Stuart Hayes, Giro clothing brand manager: “Giro identified that the face of cycling and bike retail is changing. Not only is there demand for higher quality products, but consumers are looking for products that fit into their lifestyle. Giro is at the forefront of this movement and constantly changing environment, keeping the Giro brand fresh and relevant, whilst challenging what people think should be worn on a bike. Giro New Road is not just a new kind of clothing line, it is clothing that recognises cycling is more than just about riding a bike from A to B, a method of transport, or competing in race. New Road is clothing that gives you the performance, allowing you to move as freely and comfortably as you would in your team kit, with a clean aesthetic for a sophisticated approach.

“When we launched New Road in the UK we wanted to recapture some of the excitement you get when buying the things you’re passionate about. We want to present the range in a way you might feel when you’re out looking for that special new shirt or dress and bring that experience into a bike shop. We chose some of the best and most progressive bike shops across the UK for the spring launch.”

Zyro marketing manager Jon Sherwood: “We are really pleased to be able to give retailers this marketing support. By offering retailers who buy into the line a bespoke shop fit, as well as exposure in our print advertising, they become destination stores for consumers wanting the New Road line.”

If any retailers are interested in the Giro New Road clothing range, they are advised to contact their Zyro account manager for more details. All current New Road retailers are listed in Giro’s UK print and web advertising and Zyro has also been supporting some in-store launch events to help encourage consumers to try the range on.


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