Emergency, medical and contact information included with weather proof smartphone case

Phone case with emergency ID launched to cyclists

OneLife iD and pOcpac UK distributor Northern Albion have collaborated for a ‘peace of mind’ package for cyclists.

Combining the weatherproof pOcpac iPac phone cases with the OneLife iD MiniTag and mobile phone ICE screen, riders will be able to keep their phones safe from the weather and have vital emergency, medical and contact information immediately available should an accident or incident occur when on or off-road.

OneLife iD provides a range of personal IDs with traditional printed details combined with digital features such as a personal online profile holding additional, updateable information. The latest 3rd generation iPac is pOcpac’s smallest, most compact water resistant sports and lifestyle specific case. The new touchscreen enables uninterrupted operation and the smart window allows users to operate the camera on your phone – and make and take calls while the phone is inside the case.

The OneLife iD branded iPacs will retail for £11.99 for which riders will be able to choose from one of two sizes covering over 90 per cent of all phones on the market. They will also be able to personalise their set of three MiniTags with four lines of emergency, medical or contact information. Informative, visible and convenient they can be attached to iPac, clothing, kit or keys or on any other item that is readily accessible to the rider or third party alike. Additional personal detail, documents or instructions can be added to the OneLife iD online profile pages and a useful screenshot feature can then turn their mobile into an ID.

They’re available online but Northern Albion is looking for interested shops to take stock. www.northernalbion.com


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