100 suited cyclists to race round Fairmount Park

Philadelphia to host first US Brompton Championship this weekend

The Brompton Championships are to kick off the other side of the Atlantic for the first time this weekend.

As one of Britain’s wackiest bike races, the fully suited-and-booted race has proved so popular that 100 cyclists have signed up to compete in the first USA-based race, set to take place Saturday 20th of March.

There are still spaces available and registration will be open till noon on race day, near Memorial Hall in West Fairmount Park, Philadelphia, as part of the Philly Phlyer collegiate bike race. Start time is 1pm.

Like the UK race which inspired it, the Philadelphia event will feature a Le Mans running start and have a strict dress code: helmets are a must, but so is a blazer or suit jacket, collared shirt and tie. Racers may wear their clip-ins as there are no restrictions on footwear.

“Poor dress sense will not be tolerated,” declared the organizers of the 2009 race. "In reality, some participants’ concept of ‘business attire’ ran to kilts and wild plaid trousers. One cyclist raced in a gorilla suit – with a necktie, of course. Brompton smiles on this trend, offering prizes for the best-dressed racers, and the U.S. event will do the same."

Brompton is sponsoring the US event and will bring America’s quickest riders to the Brompton World Championships this October. The winning man and woman in the Philadelphia race will get their plane tickets and entry fees covered by Brompton.

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