Bike industry body welcomes Perth's 35-year cycling masterplan.

Perth of Oz releases ambitious cycling masterplan to go fully Dutch

Australia’s industry-funded Cycling Promotion Fund has welcomed a 35-year cycling masterplan for Perth released yesterday by the Premier of Western Australia.

The "Perth 3.5m (2050) Transport Plan" is a Dutch-style bicycling masterplan, and it appears to be seriously ambitious. It was launched yesterday by Colin Barnett, the Premier of Western Australia, and his Transport Minister Dean Nalder.

The plan – discussed in detail here – is "probably the strongest political support we have ever seen from a State Government state about the desirability of long term planning for bikes," said Stephen Hodge, director of the Cycling Promotion Fund.

Will the plan be implemented? That remains to be seen – the plan is strong on details, but does not reveal where the money to pay for it all is coming from.

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