The East Van Porn Collective of Vancouver has produced a lo-budget skin-flick that has just finished a self-financed promotional tour of the US. A film within the film is based on the "sexy" bike culture of Vancouver. Could 'BikeSexual' find a home at any of the growing number of bicycle film festivals around the world?

“People who ride bikes find people who ride bikes sexy”

According to Vancouver listings magazine ‘Straight’, the East Van Porn Collective, similar to cycling, is a "small space for cultural disobedience that takes back power, impacts the planet, and makes a political statement."

And, like some parts of the cycling community, the East Van Porn Collective has a racy outlook on life. Racy as in raunchy, that is.

The San Francisco Bay Guardian calls the film ‘Made in Secret: The Story of the East Van Porn Collective’ "extraordinary" and says it’s "fun watching the group members plan and film their latest opus, a ‘pan-sexual romp’ dubbed BikeSexual."

Tod Booth, organiser of the San Francisco Independent Film Festival said the film is "an inspiring portrait of a really smart, lovely, unlikely group of people pushing themselves way out into the unknown. And it just might start a little revolution: May a thousand porn collectives bloom!”

The ‘actors’ are not six-pack hunks or pneumatic babes, Nerdgirl, JD Superstar, Monster, Mr. Pants, Muffy and Professor University are some of the members of what could be the "world’s only underground DIY anarcho-feminist porn collective."

And like many of those who live in East Vancouver, the makers of ‘Made in Secret’ are cyclists. They believe Vancouver’s bicycle culture is "uniquely sexy."

‘BikeSexual’ – the film within the film – was shot in the woods, in a skatepark and on the streets of Vancouver.

JD Superstar told “Bike culture here is about free love and cycling. It’s a response to SUV culture, to the waste we produce. We use our own bikes to propel ourselves. There’s an ethic of community.”

Mr. Pants said: “Vancouver is a very sexualized place. There’s a big porn industry here. And, people who ride bikes find people who ride bikes sexy.”

The East Van Porn Collective has a blog-site: a tame trailer for the group’s film can be accessed here: this trailer contains graphic scenes of bicycles, mud and some helmets.

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