Leicester repair workshop responds to increasing demand for iconic bicycle

Penny Farthing back in production with Cycle Magic

(EDIT: Since placing this story live we have been informed of yet another UK-based Penny Farthing manufacturer – Summerfield Penny Farthing – a builder of the iconic bicycle since 2003. In fact, owner Josh Summerfield claims that the bike ridden by Lovell in the BBC’s video is one of his creations!)

BBC News this morning reports that Leicester bicycle repair workshop Cycle magic is to bring about the return of the iconic Penny Farthing.

Citing increasing demand, Roger Lovell, the owner of not-for-profit business Cycle Magic has set about reproducing the classic bicycle. The ‘new’ hand built Penny Farthings are built based around the original, which has not been in production for over a century. You’d been wrong to think demand for the big-wheeled bike was dead – Cycle magic’s first batch has sold out already.

What’s more, Lovell’s workshop is on the very same site as the old Leicester Cycle Company, previously a manufacturer of Penny Farthings.

There are now three organised Penny Farthing races held in the UK annually.

Find out more on the BBC, here.

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