"I was going to buy the bike, but they sold it off without telling me," says track icon

Pendleton peeved at decision to sell Gold medal winning bike

Victoria Pendleton is said to be dissapointed with Team GB bosses who have sold off her gold medal winning track bike, despite her declaring interest in hanging on to it.

Currently in the limelight once again on TV show Strictly Come Dancing, the Olympian is reported to have said: "I was going to buy the bike, but they’ve bloody sold it and without telling me. I don’t know who sold it or who they sold it to but it’s gone and now I can’t have it.

“Luckily I got my pump and my bottle cages from it but that is all I’ve got — oh, and a couple of pedals and a spare inner tube.

“I’d said I was willing to buy the bike — they sell them at the end of the season because obviously you get a new one each year. But no, it’s already gone.”

Pendlteton scooped a Gold medal in the Women’s Keirin and a Silver in the sprint at the London games.

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