US vice president Dick Cheney has been recuperating from his recent heart problems by cycling. But what if his mobile phone runs out of power whilst awheel? A-ha, problem solved...

Pedal power for the powerful

The Pedal & Power dynamo phone recharger, featured first on, is now exported to America and the US importer, noting Dick Cheney’s preference for pedal power, sent him one of the dynamo units.

Pedal & Power inventor Kieron Loy said: “My US importer received a call from Dick Cheney’s office at the White House, thanking them for the wonderful Pedal & Power product.”

There’s no news yet on whether Cheney has used the unit but should he do so, cable news channel CNN has said it would be interested in featuring the product.

As well as mobile phones, the Pedal & Power dynamo can also charge other devices such as MP3’s, GPS, Palms, and most other low-power devices. Round the world cycle tourists would find the unit invaluable, and no doubt G8 protesters – who often plan their anti-capitalist demos via mobile phones – would find such an environmentally benign product a boon as well.

Pedal & Power will soon be available in the UK from Crabtree Sports & Leisure

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Right: Kieron Loy

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