Peaty’s launches Holeshot tubeless puncture plugger kit and CO2 Inflator Kit

Peaty’s has launched the new Holeshot tubeless puncture plugger kit and CO2 inflator kit.

The new Holeshot tubeless puncture plugger kit makes fixing flats ‘super easy and fast’, said the brand, with a unique, stripped-down, rider innovated design.

“When it came to plug tools we were just really disappointed with what was available,” said Steve Peat. “Most of the tools we tried were basically the same ‘claw’ design and none of them worked how we wanted. They often caused a lot more damage than the puncture itself and were normally better at pulling the plugs out than putting them in.

“All our sponsored racers and other riders we asked said the same, so we knew we had to do something different. Like a lot of the best ideas, the answer turned out to be both simple and brilliantly effective. We’re proper proud of our new Plug Tool, because it does a right job, super-fast, every time.”

The unique ‘hook and a half’ design is the main reason why the integrated stabber is a ‘gamechanger’. It loads instantly and holds both large (3mm) and small (1.5mm) sealing plugs. It slides into the puncture and it doesn’t widen the tyre wound. It also doesn’t pull the plug out when you remove the tool – just load, stab, remove and you’re plugged and ready to go.

Because it makes the smallest possible hole you can use a smaller plug. Because there’s much less damage to the tyre carcass, Peaty’s says its testing shows it will stay in much longer than a larger plug in a larger hole.

Peaty’s really sweated the details on the anodised alloy Tool Pod too. The compact size makes it small enough to carry anywhere. O-rings seal the dirt out so nothing can contaminate the plugs and compromise the seal and the body reverses to form the handle.

Peaty’s also offers them in all 12 Chris King colourways: Black, Bourbon, Emerald, Gold, Matte Mango, Navy, Matte Punch, Red, Silver, Matte Slate, Matte Turquoise and Violet.

The plugs will work with any brand of sealant and don’t leave a brass bullet inside your tyre to damage your rim and rim tape. Instead, the Plug Tool pod contains fast fit plugs in two sizes – 1.5mm plugs for snakebites and smaller punctures by the tyre bead, and 3mm plugs for larger punctures.

Peaty’s has also announced the Holeshot CO2 inflator, with an inline design. The inline ‘press to fill’ valve is ‘totally intuitive’, said the brand – no awkward, leaking side angles that can snap or bend valve cores. Just press the spring loaded Holeshot onto the opened valve and hold it until you hit your perfect pressure, and if that’s not quite enough, just blip it to add a bit more, then pull it off and pedal.

Because the inflator and cartridge slide fully between the spokes, you can put the valve at the bottom of the wheel with no interference from the ground or your dead tyre. That way the liquid gas is blasted into the tyre immediately for a much faster expansion rate. As a result, Holeshot can dump the whole cartridge into your tyre in seconds. It also minimises dangerous residual pressure left in the CO2 cartridge.

Peaty’s straight flow, sliding valve design also reduces icing issues compared to inflators with corners
or more complex valves.

Holeshot is totally plastic free with CNC machined 6061 alloy head and wing on a brass slider. The O-ring seals have been long term tested in all conditions, from ice biking to baking high mountain EWS

The 12 signature ‘Chris King’ anodised colours, Black, Bourbon, Emerald, Gold, Matte Mango, Navy, Matte Punch, Red, Silver, Matte Slate, Matte Turquoise and Violet, stop corrosion and guarantee tough cartridge threads.

Peaty’s packaging is fully recycled cardboard with simple instructions. They also include two CO2 cartridges with every inflator, 2 x 16G on the Holeshot Road and Gravel set, 2 x 25g on the Mountain Bike pack, and a closed cup freeze protector sleeve.

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Tubeless puncture plugger kit – £21.99
16g Inflator Kits – £27.99
25g Inflator Kits – £29.99

Peaty’s is distributed in the UK and Ireland by Silverfish UK. The Tubeless Plug Tool and Holeshot CO2 are available to order now from Retailers interested in becoming Peaty’s stockist should contact their area sales rep, call the sales team on 01752 843882 or email

Rebecca Morley

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