Downhiller and Olympian to take sales calls next Tuesday

Peat and Staff to answer phones at Fisher

Call into the Fisher Outdoor telesales team next Tuesday – 27th April – and you may be in for a nice surprise.

Olympic Champion, Jamie Staff and World Downhill Champion, Steve Peat will be manning the phones, taking calls and helping retailers choose from the wide range of brands on offer from SRAM, Norco, kansi and Look to Airace, Vavert and Santini among others.

Arranged at Expo 2010 in February, Jamie and Steve agreed to man the phones in the name of charity. As part of its fund raising at the show for the Stephen Murray Family Fund, Fisher Outdoor pledged money to the fund in return for the two champion cyclists donning their best suits, perfecting their telephone voices and taking your calls.

‘’I’m really looking forward to it’’ said Staff.

‘’It’s not often we get the chance to sit and talk to retailers. It should be fun and to think that it has helped raise money for the Stephen Murray Family Fund makes it even better still.’’

Steve Peat has hurried back, through the ash, from the States following his race at Sea Otter last weekend and was determined to get back in time to take your calls.
‘’The volcano tried its best to stop me getting back, but I’m here and am looking forward to taking your calls next Tuesday,’’ he said.

‘’When we were asked if we wanted to do this, we both jumped at the chance. Raising money for such a great cause and being allowed to impress retailers with my, shall we say unique, sales technique was too good an opportunity to pass up.’’

Jamie and Steve will be on the phones from midday on Tuesday.

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