The Mail Star bike produced under contract by Pashley for Consignia plc - many of which will replace the more knackered of the Royal Mail's 36 000-strong fleet of bikes - is now being made available as the Pronto workbike

Pashley’s Royal Mail workbike comes in civvy version

The Pronto is ideal to carry post, packages, spares or other items around large industrial sites, commercial centres or about town, states a press release from Pashley.

"It saves time (and therefore money) when used by employees moving between different offices or locations. Journey times are typically cut by 70 percent.

"Many companies currently using various cycles in the work place, some of which may be poorly maintained, now have a purpose made cycle which conforms to Health & Safety requirements."

Like the Mail Star, the Pronto features a unisex frame, in two sizes, with front and rear load carrying capability and a choice of 3 or 5 speed gears with all-weather hub brakes front and rear. Trade prices start at £300 depending on specification.

The Pronto is being manufactured by Pashley Cycles at its Stratford-upon-Avon HQ. Pashley has perhaps the most eclectic range of bikes of any UK supplier – from TV series trials bikes to the Pashley Pickle kiddies trike – and has been trading since 1926.


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