In 1904, Britain and France signed a be-nice-to-each-other agreement called the Entente Cordiale. In this, the centenary year, there have already been a number of celebrations linked to the historic pact, including a State visit to France by the Queen. On 23rd October, 300 British and French cyclists will start a friendly race between Paris and London. The event is organised by bike race guru Alan Rushton and supported by the Amaury Sports Organisation, organiser of the Tour de France.

Paris-London bike race will celebrate centenary of Anglo-French pal pact

The Entente Cordiale was a colonial-era agreement signed by the British foreign secretary, Lord Lansdowne, and the French ambassador, Paul Cambon, in London on 8th April 1904. Its aim was the settling of long-standing disputes between the UK and France in countries such as Morocco, Egypt, Siam, Madagascar, the New Hebrides, West and Central Africa and Newfoundland.

The two-day Paris-London cycle race, on this year´s Fédération Française de Cyclismes international events timetable, will bring together 300 French and British riders. The participants, said to include "40 well-known figures from the two countries", will be on the starting line on Saturday, 23rd October in Paris and arrive in London on Sunday, 24th October after riding 300 kilometres.

It’s a charity event, with the proceeds shared between French and British cancer research charities.

Further details on the event will be revealed at an official reception in London on October 5th. At the reception will be Gerard Errera, the French ambassador to the UK; Jean-Marie Leblanc, deputy managing director of ASO, the Tour de France director; and Alan Rushton, MD of the Events Group.

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