Tech brand raises the stakes with camera that videos at a resolution 4 times greater than full HD

Panasonic brings its first 4K camera to cycle market

UPDATED: Our trusty readers have drawn to our attention that Go-Pro has had a 4K camera on the market way ahead of Panasonic (which is something Panasonic are possibly not aware of). Therefore we’ve tweaked the rest of this story. Thanks readers!

Panasonic has dropped a technology-shaped bomb in the increasingly busy action camera market with what it says is the world’s first 4K wearable camera (Go Pro has a thing or two to say about that – see above).

4K, for the uninitiated, is like High Definition TV, only more so. Wikipedia explains that 4K is having 4,000 pixels horizontally on your device, though there is some controversy over some UHDTV (ultra high definition TV) claiming to be 4K, but that’s something we’ll neatly sidestep. We have enough trouble with e-bikes.

Named the Panasonic A500, this 4K action cam shoots scenes with an image quality that is four times better than full HD resolution.

Integrated Wi-Fi and NFC tech means users can share pics and video on social media with ease. ‘Fumble-free’ LCD means it is easy to check videos and change settings, while a cunning optional wind jammer helps to reduce noise picked up during fast cycle rides, while waterproof and dustproof coating protects against the elements.

The maybe-not-that-excitingly-named A500 is available in an eye-catching orange or slick grey. It retails at a perhaps surprisingly competitive £379.99 and actually launched back in June.

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