...and Bill Nickson, Paul Sherwen, Max Sciandri, Chris Boardman, Graham Jones, Malcolm Elliott, Hugh Porter, David Millar and others. Spotted the link yet?

Paging Barry Hoban…

All those former pros competed in the Tour de France. This is a select band of Brits who are invited to a dinner being staged by the most successful TdF Brit of all, Brian Robinson.

The full list of Tour riding Brits can be found below. If bike shops or supply companies have email contact with any of them, please forward this article. The public access version (ie no passwords required) is at:http://www.bikebiz.co.uk/…/article.php?id=5581

The dinner will raise money for the Dave Rayner Fund, which helps support the next generation of would-be pro riders.

Robinson and Tony Hoar finished the Tour, the first Brits to do so, in 1955 so the dinner is the Golden Jubilee of that landmark event. Robinson finished 29th, Hoar last, the lanterne rouge.

[Hoar moved to Canada some years. He now produces bicycle trailers, including one that can transport kayaks. He’s regularly featured in Velo Vision maagazine. http://www.tonystrailers.com/…/tony_biography.htm ]

In 1958, Robinson made history again, becoming the first Brit to win a stage of the Tour de France.

The Golden Jubilee Dinner will be held on Saturday 13th August at the Dewsbury District Golf Club, Mirfield, Robinson’s home town.

It’s not a public dinner, only TdF riders and their associates will be invited.

Phil Liggett has expressed interest in attending. His CTC challenge ride takes place the following day, a Peak District ride that Brian Robinson completes each year on his Giant road bike equipped with flat MTB bars.

Sorry, tickets booking details will be forwarded to qualifying individuals only: tdfdinner@mac.com

Bill Burl 1937

Charles Holland 1937

Dave Bedwell 1955

Tony Hoar 1955

Stan Jones 1955

Freddie Krebs 1955

Bob Maitland 1955

Ken Mitchell 1955

Bernard Pusey 1955

Brian Robinson 1955

Ian Steel 1955

Bev Wood 1955

Stan Brittain 1958

Ron Coe 1958

Vic Sutton 1958

Tony Hewson 1959

John Andrews 1959

John Kennedy 1960

Harry Reynolds 1960

Norman Sheill 1960

Tom Simpson 1960

Vin Denson 1961

Albert Hitchen 1961

Ken Laidlaw 1961

Ian Moore 1961

George O’Brien 1961

Peter Ryall 1961

Sean Ryan 1961

Alan Ramsbottom 1962

Barry Hoban 1964

Michael Wright 1964

Peter Chisman 1967

Peter Hill 1967

Colin Lewis 1967

Arthur Metcalfe 1967

Bob Addy 1968

John Clarey 1968

Derek Green 1968

Derek Harrison 1968

Hugh Porter 1968

Bill Nickson 1977

Paul Sherwen 1978

Graham Jones 1980

Robert Millar 1983

Sean Yates 1984

Malcolm Elliott 1987

Adrian Timmis 1987

Paul Watson 1987

Max Sciandri 1990

Chris Boardman 1994

David Millar 2000

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