Uniform Business Rates: where do IBDs stand?

The rates demand that was probably waiting for you after the Christmas break was based on retail property valuations from two years ago. If your shop is in an area where the Uniform Business Rates have shot up, is it worth lodging an appeal? Rates specialist Brian Collett gives BicycleBusiness the lowdown on UBR

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TV exposure for cycle holidays

Holiday Swaps, the BBC travel prog fronted by Carol Smillie (or is it Vorderman?), will feature a cycling holiday on 25th February. One with a twist: the participants thought they would hate it...

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Marketing to the segment of one

Built-to-order products delivered via the internet will be commonplace before this decade is out. Shoes, jeans, computers (think Dell), and furniture will all be made to order with the slightest peccadillo being catered for. Oh, and most top-end bikes will be made this way too.

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