Hurry, hurry? Or watch out?

A telesales company called BikeBiz today to try and sell us for £150. The salesperson said this would increase hits to our website because search engines would search for 'bicycle' and even wouldn't come much higher up the list than Is this a worthwhile expense?

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No competition

By popular demand well, a request from Michael Bonney of Orange heres a quick clarification on the Competitions Act 1998 which came into force today. The ramifications of this Act are featured in the current BicycleBusiness and the text below sheds light on three aspects of the new Act which have led to the most confusion

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Virgins and old hands apply here

Remember to sign up for one of the three seminars at this weekends Cycle & Leisure Show. They will be modelled on each days audience so will be suitable for web newcomers as well as HTML experts.

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