X-lite bundles lube and cleaner

The BikeBiz office window cleaner is a cyclist and was supplied with a bottle of Muc Off. He later told BikeBiz it was brilliant stuff, and even removed stains he thought would never be shifted by mere detergent. Now Muc Off and Bike Spray is available in a two-pack bundle. That'll please the window cleaner

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Sale of Schwinn/GT takes another turn

Who's going to get Schwinn/GT? The US trade mag reports that another two bidders have revealed themselves, and both have outbid Huffy's $60m. But, Huffy may stump up more cash if the sale looked as though it was going elsewhere

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Pedal power for the powerful

US vice president Dick Cheney has been recuperating from his recent heart problems by cycling. But what if his mobile phone runs out of power whilst awheel? A-ha, problem solved...

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