Buyers beware, warns car equivalent of the ACT

Car showrooms are running scared. The number of websites selling cars on the cheap is growing by the week. However, in an attempt to warn consumers that a car dealer is still the best place to buy a new car, the Retail Motor Industry Federation has sent out a combatitive press release. So? Well, doesn't give a hoot about car dealers per se but the RMI's stance is one that has relevance to any trade threatened by 'pure play' internet retailers. Can the bike trade get the same message across? "Best to buy from independent bike's why..."

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Raleigh and

Theres a two page interview with Jim Rose in our April mag (due out tomorrow). Rose is the CEO of, the auction site. In this interview (also available elsewhere on this site) Rose waxes lyrical about securing Raleigh bikes for sale. Today we were told that Raleigh has ceased to supply QXL...

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Euro trade shows spurn the public

We have regular chats with bike design guru Mike Burrows of Giant. One of his perennial complaints is that the UK doesn't have a big trade/consumer show "like they have in Germany." Hmm, not any more they don't, IFMA is the latest bike show to go trade-only

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Colly who?

COLIPED the Organisation of the European Two-Wheeler Parts Industries will be holding a getting to know us session at the Taipei International Cycle Show 2000.

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