Is Segway the Sinclair C5 of its generation?

The Segway Human Transporter - a hi-tech scooter - was unveiled to a waiting world on Monday. "Is that it?" asked one of the presenters of ABC TV's Good Morning America. The disappointment could be cut with a knife. Why? Because this invention is the one hyped since January as "bigger than the internet". Long before its unveiling, Apple's Steve Jobs was reported to have said cities of the future would be redesigned around this contraption, now seen to be of possible value to porky US postal workers but too dorky for everyone else...

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Trade shows fill up

Both the Cycle & Leisure Show (NEC) and the Bicycle Association’s International Cycle Convention (Harrogate) want IBDs and corporate buyers to flock to their shows. Will one show win out, or because of the spread of exhibitors, will visitors have to attend both shows to get the full picture?

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