SpokesMan takes a potshot at cycle advocates

In the September edition of BicycleBusiness, the monthly print version of this website, our IBD-cum-supplier columnist takes issue with the Erl Wilkie Chain Reaction slot in the August mag. SpokesMan says IBDs don't get involved with cycle campaigners because of time restrictions. And, anyway, to paraphrase, he asks 'what have cycle campaigners ever done for us'? Well, here's two things from just today!

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Stinky Dee-Lux stars in new Disney film

Product placement is all the rage in Hollywood and getting a Kona Stinky Dee-Lux to feature large in Disney’s latest live action film is just the start of the promotion for Kona. The bike will also be a key part of the film’s marketing

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Beetison leaves EP-X

The former Dawes exec was instrumental in setting up the UK arm of the Malaysian monocoque maker but has now decided to move on. His daughter, Natasha Beetison, stays with the company

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