When you can’t see the wood for the MTBers

£2m is being pumped into Scottish forests to create twenty Coed Y Brenin-type MTB trails. And there's further grassroots facilities growth in Wales, too. The two main MTBing websites today wax lyrical about the planned MTB facilities, claiming they could inject new life into the sport

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Do the Sheikh and Vac

The Segway gyroscope-and-computer controlled super-scooter - the machine that's gonna do away with the out-of-date, dangerous bicycle as THE mode of intra-urban transport - is pretty much a parody of itself but the current edition of The New Yorker magazine can't resist linking the 17-mph upright vacuum with Usama Bin Laden and chums...

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Trade legend dies

Ron Kitching died in hospital this morning. The octogenerian was one of the post-War shapers of the UK cycle trade, importing exotic bike parts from Europe, and later Japan

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