Hans Rey stays with GT

Long-time GT tricks/trials rider Hans Rey has agreed terms with new GT owner, Pacific. Many see Hans 'No Way' Rey almost as a GT brand extension, so entwined has he become with the company's products

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Kelly ’02

It's a show tradition: what will Ison rep Kelly Salone be wearing at the show this year? Well, you can't buy this particular outfit in the shops...

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Cycle Industry mag fails to show at NEC

Cycle Industry, the trade magazine published by millionaire Mark Allen, booked a stand at the Cycle and Leisure Show but failed to turn up, leaving a gap the show organisers had to fill with chairs. The reason? "We're busy," claimed the ad manager today

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Simon sticks it to them

Simon has walked off with the second 'product of the show' award in two weeks. Last weekend his LED-packed light stick - the Indicator Fireflute - got the Best Innovation Award at the SOLTEX ski show and today the front child seat imports from Canada won the Innovation award at the Cycle and Leisure Show (but, er, not to Universal acclaim)

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