How about this for an IBDs incentives trip?

It's a two-week holiday package to South Africa with guanteed entry to the Cape Argus Cycle Tour. This is a 109km event through stunning countryside and attracts 35 000 participants year, the world's largest timed cycle race. A South African/Zambian company has 14 places to shift before February and will give a healthy discount to any company booking 10 or more places. For giving to IBDs who walk the talk, this would be an expensive but extremely memorable incentives trip (or a great holiday idea for individuals looking for a Spring break with a difference)

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Hardisty Cycles kicks off new TV advertising campaign

There aren't that many UK IBDs with the advertising chutzpah of Hardisty Cycles - best-known jingle: "Home of the Mountain Bike, top of Shields Road, Byker" - but when the going's tough, the tough get going. The TV advertising splurge which starts at lunchtime today will last through to the Friday before Christmas, and is the first part of a three ad telly campaign that will run through to Spring 2002

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