Fanning the flames with PR

The recent fuel crisis was good for the bike trade but few brands benefitted from media exposure because few brands have dedicated PR companies working for them. Bike trade specific Pressure PR aims to change all that

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Quealley calls for cycling cash

Jason Quealley, Britains first gold medallist at the Sydney Olypmics, has hailed a £1 billion Government drive to increase access to sport for youngsters across the country but wants cycling to get a share of spoils

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Sturmey Archer: extra info

Heres a company report on one of Lenarks limited companies. The office of In-a-flap is where Lenark based itself for a while and is where visitors saw huge piles of unopened mail: not surprising considering the number of CCJs the company ran up before being dissolved. ALSO: below the company report youll find two press releases on Derbys refinancing in 1997

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Sturmey Archer: what went wrong?

REVISED: Ive been writing reports all week about the Sturmey Archer collapse. This is the latest version of events. It might be best to print out all these Sturmey articles because itll take you for ever to read them online

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