Singletrack awards get a new category!

When it was announced that readers had nominated Northern Ireland based web/mail-order retailer Chain Reaction as one of the "best bike shops in the UK", all hell broke loose on the bulletin board. A whopping 123 posts later, Singletrack has hammered out a compromise solution....

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New seat-post mudguard from Zefal

The Swan 248 has a thumblock lever to adjust the mudguard's angle, requires no tools for fixing because of the snap-on clamp and is available in a variety of colours, so long as you like black.

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Powabyke does IBD-facing deal with 360 000-member motoring organisation

When asked his views on a Powabyke demonstrated to him at Cycle 2002, former transport minister Steven Norris, now chair of the National Cycling Forum, said: “Any form of transport that can help overweight, middle-aged men freewheel uphill has to be welcomed!” Many members of the 350 000-strong Civil Servants Motoring Association will be overweight, middle-aged men...

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