REVISED: Ltd. closes

The bike trade re-seller of PoS-it EPoS software collapsed late last week. The mainstream orginator of PoS-it has stepped in to support any of the 51 IBDs which were hooked up with the software by Ltd. Meanwhile Mane's Neil Delafield is seeking to migrate Pos-it users over to Counterbalance, a new EPoS software package coded by Frank Stirling, a co-director, along with Delafield, of UK EPoS Ltd

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Let’s talk numbers

Taiwanese bike exports are down by 39 percent. Raleigh sold a lot less bikes in the first half of 2001 compared to the same period the previous year. These two new facts are from reliable sources; but we still operate in a statistical black hole. Which is a shame because when an industry pulls together some surprisingly good news can be the result: in France, a new study has found that far from being decimated by the supermarkets, IBDs account for 50 percent of the market, which is 20-30 percent higher than pessimists have believed for years…

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