Falcon factory’s ‘Probuild’ section produces BMW F1 road bike

Whereas Raleigh is placing all its bets on the lower end of the market, topping out at £279 retail, the Tandem Group's strategy is pricepoint segmentation, with low, mid- and high-end product. With more Dawes and Claud Butler aspirational models in the pipeline it was decided to dedicate a corner of the Falcon factory in Brigg to high-end assembly work. And that's where the BMW/William Formula 1 road bike is being assembled too

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Cycle usage will increase, if international bike advocates meet more

Greater contacts between national cycle officials in different countries (er, as well as more being done for cycling at all levels of government) is necessary if there is to be an increase in cycle usage. These are among the conclusions of the Velo Mondial stage I report on national cycling policies – NATCYP - published today as part of the celebrations for one year of Velo Mondial operations. Velo Mondial was a cycle advocate conference held in Amsterdam in 2000. At the conference it was agreed that work needed doing to ensure that 25 countries have national cycling strategies by 2006.

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