At last, a home for cover-mounted stickers…

Bicycle mags - even those supposed to be for adults - often come cover-mounted with stickers. If you have a penchant for plastering bike company logos over your personal possessions, here's a really cool bag from Timbuk2, the San Francisco courier bag company...

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US children not wearing bike helmets, says survey

According to a new, Bell-sponsored survey by the Safe Kids campaign – presented by Linda Armstrong Kelly, mother of Lance Armstrong - fewer than half of all US children wear helmets while cycling. In states with mandatory helmet laws, 52 percent of child cyclists were seen wearing helmets, as opposed to 42 percent in states with no helmet laws. Surprisingly, despite stating "the number one killer of kids [is] motor vehicle crashes", Safe Kids does not promote helmet wearing for children in cars...

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Third of workforce made redundant at Tandem Group

Two of the three production lines at the Brigg factory will be shut down in July. £250+ bikes from Falcon, Dawes, Claud Butler and Shogun will still be assembled in Humberside but all other Tandem Group bikes will be sourced from "around the world," said Falcon MD Steven Bell.

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