Tour of Britain is confirmed at last

It's taken weeks and weeks for the various stakeholders to cross the t's and dot the i's but, finally, here's the first confirmation that the Tour of Britain will take to the roads this September. And it'll be broadcast by the beeb, too...

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UK to get Pacific Cycle’s Stingray; bikes go to IBDs, JJB and TRU

Last September, Ridgeback stole a march on Raleigh and Schwinn by launching a Chopper-like Stingray-clone. In January 04, revealed that the real Stingray would be relaunched. Now, Moore Large, the UK importer of Schwinn, has secured Autumn stock of the Stingray, said by Pacific Cycle to be selling like hot-cakes in the US. With Raleigh planning a Chopper-led TV advertising splurge in the run-up to Christmas, will retro set bike trade tills ringing?

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