Scott press launch: the bikes

Scott's top-end bikes are now all carbon-fibre lightweights and the CR1 designation spreads from last year's road line to the whole carbon-fibre range, including the Genius full-suspension MTBs and the 7.7kg, 16.9lb, Scale hardtail, Thomas Frischknect's 'weapon for Athens'. This is made with a 970gm frame. What, an MTB frame at just an ounce over 2lbs? Watch Frischi fly up those hills!

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Sir Clive launches folding bike

The inventor of the first pocket calculator has long been expected to launch a folding-bike design. But the failures of the C5 and the Zike electric scooter thingy prevented the great British inventor from venturing, too soon, into bicycle territory. That Sir Clive had a design up his sleeves has never been a secret. For years, there have been rumours about what such a Sinclair-designed folding bike would look like. Micro wheels? A bike that can be folded into a package the size of an umbrella?

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