Want to see the return of Camelbak’s TT hump? Badger Sky.

Sky George, that is. Sky is the Californian company's VP of Marketing and "almost fell off my chair" when OLN's Tour de France coverage of Wednesday's team time trial showed CSC's Bobby Julich sporting a 40-ounce reservoir under his jersey. The custom RaceVest was discontinued in 2001 but could be brought back into production if enough time triallists asked for it...

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Cycle commuters be damned, South West Trains doesn’t want you

The BikeBiz editor has just returned from a press trip to Switzerland. Swiss trains allow the carriage of bicycles - positively encourages it, in fact - and are famously punctual. Here in the UK, a leaked document from South West Trains reveals that the company believes the carriage of cycles should be further restricted because it can "have a significant impact on train service performance." In Switzerland, there's a truly integrated transport system, here it's a shambles. Shocking, really.

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MBO at Euretco Tweewielers

Euretco B.V. is to sell the Euretco Tweewielers B.V. business unit - the organisation behind the retail formula Profile 'the Bicycle Specialist' - to two of the current management team, plus another investor. The new company will be called Bike Retail Company B.V., Biretco for short.

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America: A Genius-free zone?

When Scott was relaunched in the US at Sea Otter earlier this year, Specialized execs took a keen interest in the suspension set-up on the Genius. Mike Sinyard's company filed suit, claiming patent infringement. Unless the infringement suit is settled, Scott cannot sell its headline-making Genius bikes in the US.

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