Use of National Cycle Network soars

In 2003, the Network carried 126 million trips by cyclists, walkers and other users including people with wheelchairs or pushchairs. On a like-for-like basis this represents a year-on-year growth of 10 percent in the number of cycling trips, not including growth resulting from extensions to the Network.

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Fisher gets SRAM’s Rockshox and Avid

In a widely anticipated move, SRAM has put all its eggs into one basket. SRAM-distributor Fisher Outdoor Leisure has added Rockshox and Avid to its brand portfolio. SRAM and Shimano are not the best of friends and it must have rankled SRAM execs for Rockshox to be distributed in the UK by Madison, the distributor of Shimano.

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US president-in-waiting falls from bike

John Kerry, the Democrat challenger for the US presidency, likes his bicycle, as reported before on So, his latest spill won't dent his enthusiasm for cycling. Kerry has previously injured his shoulder in a fall from one of his many bicycles. His current favoured mount? A Serotta Ottrott...

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Beckham to swap chopper for bicycle?

Raleigh supplied Choppers to a variety of celebs in a bid to boost the bike's street cred. Three were said to have been sent to Chez Beckham for David, Posh and Brooklyn. And, if Arsene Wenger could raise the cash, he would like the $40m striker to move from Real Madrid to Arsenal: Becks could then travel to work in style...

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