News for free thanks to…

Doesn't time fly when you're having fun? Another year gone, time to ask bike suppliers if they'll renew their support for this site so we can continue serving up a regular diet of nourishing news for nowt. Most renewed; two companies declined (British, sadly), and two companies jump on board for the first time (American, naturally).

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Tour riders opt for chemical assistance…

...for their tyres. Continental, the German manufacturer, has developed a chemical solution to lower road rolling resistance. The company claims that riders Tyler Hamilton and Jan Ullrich will save 30 seconds on the mountain time trial at Alpe D’Huez on stage 16. But what's the goo like in the wet? The Tour de France continues to be plagued by rain...

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Kerry is TdF buff

John Kerry, the would-be president of the US, famously fell from his Serotta and was soon thereafter copied by Dubya, who skidded on a pretzel and face-planted. But will President Bush go the whole hog, and plug himself into OLN to watch his mate go for a sixth yellow jersey?

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