Vietnam denies dumping bicycles in the EU

The Competition Management Department of the Vietnamese Ministry of Trade has said EBMA's dumping complaint should be rejected by the EU. Should EBMA's complaint be upheld, bicycles from Vietnam, sourced by many key European brands, would be hit with punitive duties.

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New York Times compares bike riding styles of Kerry and Bush

It's a clash of cultures, reports NYT. Roadies are "wussies", MTBers are "sensation seekers." However, the International Mountain Bicycling Association has just awarded honourary IMBA memberships to both Kerry and Bush (Kerry is an MTB rider, too), saying: "It's good to know that both candidates appreciate sweet singletrack."

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Armstrong’s yellow wristbands sell out

Order a box of 'Live Strong' wristbands right now and you won't get delivery until the end of August. The joint fund-raising promo between cancer-charity the Lance Armstrong Foundation and Nike has been an overwhelming success, seven million of the $1 wristbands have been sold to date. Famous wearers include John Kerry, President Bush, Bruce Willis, Bono, Matt Damon, Ben Stiller and Lance's mate Robin Williams.

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