Interbike 2004: Outdoor Demo Day has decamped to Las Vegas for the Interbike trade show. Much of the launch stuff has already been seen at Eurobike but there's still plenty of new things to report on. But the best thing about Interbike is the Outdoor Demo Days...

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Cycling Tsar wants government cash to get more Brits on bikes

Philip Darnton, president of the Bicycle Association and chairman of the government-appointed National Cycling Strategy Board, told The Sunday Times more Britons could be encouraged to cycle to work if £150m was splashed annually on more priority traffic signals for cycliksts, there was a major extension of truly safe cycle lanes and there was a greater clampdown on speeding motorists.

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MasterLock stung into recall action

When Kryptonite's Bic problems surfaced, Master Lock of the US issued a statement saying its top-end locks were immune to pen-attack. The fact the company also produced u-locks with cylinder tubular mechanisms was not majored on. Master Lock did not follow Kryptonite and launch a recall programme: until now, that is. News of this went on on Friday

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