Reuters says Leonardo invented the bicycle

And is the first to use the syndicated article so it will soon spread around the world. In fact, it was widely reported in 1997 that the Leonardo da Vinci bicycle drawing, 'discovered' during restoration of a Leonardo Codex, was produced in the early 70s. No, not the 1470s, the 1970s...

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Lance keeps it going for 24 hours

UPDATED: NBA star Shaquille O'Neal has got a load of 'em. Andre Agassi has just one. Michael Jordan will have a big one in Las Vegas later this year. Now Lance Armstrong says he's getting a few, too. Sports clubs. The first 24 Hour Fitness Lance Armstrong Sport Club will open in Lance's hometown of Austin, Texas, in the summer.

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Bike companies: donate sports bottles to tsunami relief

Shelterbox of the UK, USA, Australia and Canada is appealing for the provision of sports bottles, with or without brand logos. The bottles will be placed in deep plastic boxes filled with sleeping bags, tents and digging tools. Sri Lankan Airlines and Virgin Airways are shipping the boxes FOC to SE Asia. Eurobottle of the Netherlands has donated 15 000 bottles.

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Why did Lance start racing bikes? Blame his stabilisers

The USPS Team is dead, long live the Discovery Team. It's team launch day today and the official website has already gone live, complete with pix of the new strip, interactive snippets focussing on the Trek Madone 5.9 and bios of the new team members. But check out the video of Lance. He explains his competitive urge on a bike was first fired up when a "neighbourhood girl" took off her 'training wheels' before he did...

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ITDP says Fuji bikes going to US AID, calls for more new bikes from US companies

Bicycles-to-the-Developing-World organisations such as Pedals for Progress in the US and Re~Cycle in UK will not be shipping out re-furbed bikes to countries impacted by the tsunami. There's no need, they say ("Asia is bike-central") and countries like Indonesia, Sri Lanka and India have indigenous bicycle industries. However, the US-based Institute for Transportation and Development Policy says the bikes its been promised from Fuji will be provided to the main US relief charity and will not be 'coals to Newcastle'.

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