US company uses spider to sell cycle saddles

Spiderflex Bike Company of Washington has uploaded a press release on its "unique patented" bicycle saddle to PRweb, the 'news' feed for journalists. Does the US Patent Office not check its own records? This type of noseless saddle has been invented and reinvented since almost the dawn of cycling. And Seattle's Ergo LLC also uploaded a noseless saddle story on 17th August, citing "sexual dysfunction". Is cycling really bad for the bedroom? Read on...

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Tour of Britain Cycle Stage Race: The Index was the first source with news of the Tour's resurrection; first with the Tour logo; first with graphics of the jerseys; first with a junction-by-junction plan of the Tour; first with the official poster; first with the top team news; first with sponsor information. Noticed any pattern yet? Now, here's an index to the Tour of Britain articles carried to date, with many more to come.

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