Trek stars trade blows. Sort of.

In his book about Lance Armstrong, David Walsh carries a claimed transcript of a heated, EPO-related telephone conversation between Greg LeMond and Lance Armstrong, claimed to have been transcribed by LeMond's wife. Why is the conversation related by Kathy LeMond? Because, it is claimed by Walsh, Trek USA asked Greg LeMond not to speak to Walsh, but Trek did not say Mrs LeMond couldn't speak to him. Armstrong rides Trek and the LeMond bike line is owned by Trek.

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Lance sues journalists, book publisher and newspapers

"Lance Armstrong utterly denies ever having taken any performance enhancing drugs," says a statement from Schillings, a London-based firm of solicitors, acting on behalf of the Texan icon. Armstrong has instructed Schillings to file a libel suit against David Walsh and Pierre Ballester, authors of 'LA Confidential', and The Sunday Times and L'Express.

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Calling bike photographers, supply a lifestyle shot for

Yesterday's Bike Fest in the Square attracted 15 000 people to a sun-drenched, car-free, cycle-friendly section of London's Trafalgar Square. But, what picture did use to illustrate the story? The same pic it dredges up for nearly all of its cycling stories, a dated, depressing, frightening image of a face-masked cycle commuter being chased by a juggernaut.

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Sunday Times journalist on the Armstrong offensive again

Throw enough mud and some of it will stick. Perhaps that's the motivation behind the constant anti-Armstrong sniping from journalist David Walsh? He's spent five years trying to prove doping claims against Lance Armstrong and he never lets a cycling article go by without referencing the allegations, obliquely or otherwise. Now, he's co-authored a book which dredges up all sorts of "secrets" about the Tour de France champion

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