Australia-based Rachel Smith of AECOM seeks a venue – and an audience – for a talk in London on 6th January.

Oz transport planner and author seeks London venue for talk in January

British-Australian Rachel Smith seeks a venue – and an audience – for a talk in London on 6th January. Smith is the author of "Decongestion", a book about reducing car-use sub-titled "7 steps for mayors and other city leaders to cut traffic congestion without the expense of new roads or annoyed residents." She is a Brisbane-based transport planner for AECOM.

Smith developed the world’s first crowd solving bicycle map, and her book has information on the type of seven-metre wide cycle superhighways which can get new people on bikes. Formerly based in the UK she was a specialist advisor to the government working with businesses, schools and tourism destinations. She has spoken at more than 200 conferences around the world, including TEDx presenations. 

"I’m in London on Wednesday 6th January and would love to do my 50-minute Decongestion talk," said Smith.

She is looking for a partner to provide a venue and to help promote the event. Every talk attendee will get a free copy of her book.

She can be contacted at

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