BITA, the Australian equivalent of the BA & ACT has set up a bike promo fund and is seeking a full-time director to expand the Aussie cycling market

Oz bike industry shapes up

At the Special General Meeting of the Bicycle Industries & Traders’ Association held in Sydney last Wednesday the final few details of the Cycling Promotion Fund were hammered into place.

According to BITAs Michael Oxer (the Oz version of Anne Killick spliced with John Carrington Beard) this is a major new development for our industry to begin reaching out to the Australian community in a focussed and energetic way.

The Fund Committee is seeking a person to fill a position of Program


This appointment will represent a huge step forward for our industry and a major commitment by leading industry companies to tackle in a highly organised and focussed way the difficult matter of promotion of our products and services, to expand consumer demand and bring greater influence to bear on governments and other agencies which should be delivering infrastructure and other resources, says Oxer.

We urgently need to see that more people can more easily and comfortably ride bicycles for recreation, everyday transport and sport.


BITA is soon to change its name to BIA ie Bicycle Industries Australia.

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