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Oxford University bicycle range in the works

Oxford Limited – manager and licensee of the Oxford University brand – has signed IGS Corporation to create an Oxford bicycle range under its Rule Bikes brand.

A five year deal will see the Oxford branded bicycles and accessories sold through specialist retailers in-store and online. The range will fit within the classic design and style of Oxford’s heritage, we hear.

Rule Bikes already produces fashion bikes with a number of licenses, including Angry Birds, Star Wars, Moshi Monsters and Sony. Established in 2011, they were the only bike brand to hit the UK Fashion Week catwalk in that year.

"Many of our students choose the bicycle as their preferred method of transport in and around Oxford which makes the signing of this license all the more relevant to the Oxford brand,” commented Oxford Limited Chris Evans. “The retro look of the bicycle together with the quality of the materials used and production techniques provides a good match with our brand values of heritage and excellence.”

Rule Bikes MD Martin Richards added: “We are delighted to be in collaboration with Oxford University to bring to a global audience a range of bicycles and accessories that exude style and glamour whilst still delivering core quality values. Our all new product range will launch later this summer around the world and we firmly believe the Oxford brand will be well received by all consumers. This is a truly unique opportunity for both brands.”

Trade contacts are Gaby Beyer gaby@impactint.co.uk and Michel Zumaran michel@impactint.co.uk

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