Distributor will bring wheel product to UK, Ireland and Benelux

OneWay distribution adds wheel brand Scope

New Dutch wheel manufacturer Scope has chosen to have their distribution for the UK, Ireland and the Benelux done exclusively by Oneway Distribution. 

The distributor, also responsible for the distribution of Liteville and Syntace, will carry stock of the label’s full carbon clincher wheels in three rim heights and matching components.

Scope has spent the past three years in research and development, testing the product over 350 races and 200,000 kilometers on the bike.

Rik Kusters and Nieck Busser, two ex-cyclists, are the Dutch masterminds behind the sleekly designed high-end wheels.

"We are delighted to add this strong brand to our portfolio," said sales manager Bart van de Biggelaar. "Scope is young and innovative and has already established a name, despite their short existence. We will continue to build their market position in the Benelux, UK and Ireland."

Representative Sander Bouwens adds: "Our dealer web shop combined with good product availability will ensure a good start for Scope in MY 2015. Our extensive experience in the market and strong name in Europe make us the ideal partner for manufacturer and dealer." 

Scope products are in stock now at Oneway Distribution. For more information, please contact +3110-3403510, or visit the dealer web shop: shop.o-w-d.nl



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